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The VHDL newsgroup is at news:comp.lang.vhdl. It is archived at http://groups.google.com. An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is published at http://www.eda.org/comp.lang.vhdl/.

General Information

http://www.eda.org has information about various working groups for VHDL and related standards. http://www.accellera.org has information about formal standardization activities.


The IEEE publishes all the VHDL standards. See http://standards.ieee.org.

Free Models

The Free Model Foundation http://www.eda.org/fmf publishes free models of IP cores, as does Opencores http://www.opencores.org. Note that both these sites include Verilog as well as VHDL models.

Free Tools

See the comp.lang.vhdl FAQ for a full list. Many of the commercial tools listed below are available in a free, limited form for evaluation or student use. Alliance http://asim.lip6.fr/alliance/ has both a simulator and synthesis tool. The FreeHDL project http://www.freehdl.seul.org/ aims to develop a VHDL simulator for Linux. There is a VHDL mode for the Emacs editor, which includes templates for common constructs http://www.emacs.org

Commercial Tools

This is not supposed to be an exhaustive list. Inclusion of a tool in this list does not imply endorsement of that tool. Omission of a tool does not imply any criticism of that tool.

Toolsets (Simulator + Synthesis)

Cadence http://www.cadence.com

Synopsys http://www.synopsys.com


Model Technology http://www.model.com

Aldec http://www.aldec.com

Dolphin http://www.dolphin.fr

FTL http://www.ftlsystems.com

Several Verilog simulators are also available, e.g.

Simucad http://www.silos.com

Synapticad http://www.syncad.com


Synplicity http://www.synplicity.com

Exemplar http://www.exemplar.com


The final step in the design process is automatic place and route (APR) for an FPGA or ASIC. FPGA vendors generally supply their own APR tools. FPGA and CPLD vendors include:

Altera http://www.altera.com

Xilinx http://www.xilinx.com

Lattice http://www.latticesemi.com

Actel http://www.actel.com

Atmel http://www.atmel.com

Cypress http://www.cypress.com

Quicklogic http://www.quicklogic.com