Patrick McSweeney


I work in the Web and Internet Science research group at the University of Southampton. I have a rich and full job description which combines software development, research, writing publications, presenting at conferences and teaching undergraduate students.


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Milllard, David E., Davis, Hugh C., Howard, Yvonne, McSweeney, Patrick, Yorke, Chris and Solheim, Heidi (2011) Towards an institutional PLE At Perosnalised Learning Environment Conference 2011, United Kingdom. 11 - 13 Jul 2011. 14 pp.

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McSweeney, Patrick (2009) Language Box: Every Day Learning Objects in EPrints At Open Repositories 2009, Georgia.

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McSweeney, Patrick, Borthwick, Kate, Hargood, Charlie, Millard, David and Howard, Yvonne (2011) The Mechanisms and Impact of Encouraging Community Engagement in Teaching Repositories At Open Repositories 2011.

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Teaching and Demonstrating

Designed the JavaScript labs for the module INFO1003 - Web Design

Demonstrated on and managed the labs for COMP1004 - Programming Principles

Taught the COMP1004 - "Ground controllers" lectures for students struggling to learn Java

Conferences Attended

Repository Fringe 2011

ACM Web Science 2011

Open Repositories 2011

Repository Fringe 2010

Open Repositories 2010

ACM Hypertext 2010

Repository Fringe 2009

Open Repositories 2009

Repository Fringe 2008

Open Repositories 2008

Workshops Organised

Dev8D 2012

EPrints Bazaar Training Course - Glasgow 2010

EPrints Bazaar Training Course - Southampton 2010

EPrints Services Training Course - Southampton 2010

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