Patrick McSweeney

Patrick McSweeney


University of Southampton

Department of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS)

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • First class Honours
  • 82% Final project and dissertation in Novel Interfaces to Digital Collections

Other Professional Qualifications

ITIL Foundation qualified with 100% score in the evaluation

DSDM Attern Foundation qualified in Agile Project Life Cycle

Employment Experience

Practice Placements Project

University of Southampton, iSolutions
  • Used Agile Methods to managed a group of four people across two teams in the delivery of https://practiceplacements.soton.ac.uk
  • Undertook iterative stakeholder and business analysis directly with end users in the Faculty of Health Sciences to ensure users needs were met as the project evolved.
  • Workload was managed and allocated using a digital SCRUM kanban board to ensure a smooth and timely project delivery.
  • Participated in development of the project using C#, Microsoft MVC and Entity Framework

rss.data.ac.uk Academic News Aggregator

University of Southampton, iSolutions
  • Managed and advised TIDT's summer intern in delivery of http://rss.data.ac.uk a news aggregation service for Higher Education institutions.
  • Used iterative development to ensure that the product was delivery during the time of the intership, while allowing the flexibility to accomodate in house training and experimentation.
  • Ensured that a blog was kept alongside the development work to serve as professional record work carried out by our inter inhis future endeavours.

Syllabus Editor

University of Southampton, iSolutions
  • Created Syllabus Editor to address a business need for administrators within the University to better manage the way in which module profile documents are collected from academic staff
  • Balanced and managed requirements of the many stakeholders in the module process around university. These included academics, academic administrators, university communications and students
  • Used F3 web framework and RedBean ORM to ensure development could be adaptive of constantly changing requirements
  • Organised my own time efficiently in order to effectively manage and often exceed end user expectations. Syllabus editor is currently used in three faculties and has triggered a university wide project to comprehensively tackle the problem of curriculum management.

Southampton Learning Environment Project

University of Southampton, ECS
  • Worked with iSolutions IT Service delivery to produce an enterprise level personalised learning environment and intranet system.
  • Used experience working on user focused software projects to work with academic staff, students and administrators to make the learning environment experience smooth and streamlined.
  • Worked with Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange, Visual Studio and C# to build a scalable and flexible architecture in which users could provision their own group with customisable functionality and dynamic group membership.

OneShare Project

University of Southampton, Subject Center for Language, Linguistics and Area Studies and Open Univerity
  • Worked with educators from a range of disciplines to create a system which enabled them to easily share teaching materials over the web. See humbox.ac.uk, edshare.soton.ac.uk, loro.open.ac.uk and languagebox.ac.uk.
  • Worked with the HEA Subject Centres to run workshops to improve digital literacy and IPR awareness of educators and gather requirements for software improvement. See the Humbox project page.
  • Used agile methodologies to deliver user driven software updates in short iterations.
  • Using Perl and Javascript built a suite of plugins for the EPrints repository platform to enhance it for storing teaching materials. See the EdShare project page.
  • Administered and ran linux servers for a range of educational repositories at instititutional and national level including humbox.ac.uk, loro.open.ac.uk and edshare.soton.ac.uk
  • Combined a variety of open source tools to create a tool which allow users to preview a diverse range of file formats in the web browser.

All About MePrints Project

University of Southampton
  • Built a EPrints plugin to give users of the repository personal profile pages. The profiles make the user the focus of the repository rather than the users publications. See the MePrints demonstrator.
  • Used Perl to make a flexible widget framework into which widgets could be deployed. Widgets can be added or removed from the profile to personalise it on a per user basis.
  • Created documentation for installing the plugin and writing custom widgets. Provided support the community of users via email. See MePrints documentation.

Skills Acquired

  • Project management, demonstrating skills managing, people, project life cycles and time management.
  • Excellent presentation skills, both to large audiences and small groups.
  • Good software design experience, working with key stake holders and end users.
  • Agile prototyping experience in time limited and constrained environments.
  • In depth experience programming in a variety of different programming languages including PHP, JAVA, C#, JavaScript, Perl, Python.
  • Use of best practices such as frameworks and ORMs.
  • Expert web design skills creating rich and attractive interfaces using advanced CSS and JavaScript.
  • Enthusiasm in building custom hardware to experiment with novel interaction paradigms.
  • Experience carrying out research and authoring research publications.

Awards and Achievements

  • Winner of a Vice Chancellors award for redesign and development work on sussed.soton.ac.uk the University web portal.
  • Winner of Repository Fringe 2011 developer challenge with PeoplePivot.
  • Second place Open Repositories 2011 developer challenge with d-Roc. A tool for creating semantic research objects.
  • Organised a series of EPrints training days to build community and encourage uptake of the EPrints Bazaar. Training materials available from the EPrints wiki.
  • Winner of Repository Fringe 2009 developer challenge with Semantic Profile Page.
  • Co-Organised JISCs deposit tools show and tell to encourage developers to build remote deposit tools for repositories.

Personal Interest Projects

  • Built a Multi-touch surface using infra-red light and aggravated internal reflection. Multi touch software currently in development using the OpenImaj Java library
  • Using Perl wrote Rule breaker CSS. Rule Breaker parses a webpage's CSS files to remove duplicate rules or rules which are always superseded in order to make the style sheet simple and more maintainable
  • Built a production version of the Thematic Model Builder. Created some simple repurposable commandline utilities for theming image collections.