Dr Wilson is married with two children. His family owns a variety of animals including three horses and an adopted sheltie called Nimrod. Most weekends will be involved with family and horses, with a relatively high proportion of mud involved!


Peter Wilson plays the bagpipes and has done since the age of 11. He was taught by John ("Jack") Crichton at George Heriots School in Edinburgh winning national titles during this time and played for Torphichen and Bathgate Pipe Band in the early 1990s when they won Scottish, British, European and Champion of Champion Trophies in Grade II and won promotion to Grade 1.


Dr Wilson also enjoys playing golf - being brought up in the golf heaven that is otherwise known as the East coast of Scotland this is hardly surprising.

Arkansas Razorbacks

Having been a visiting professor at the University of Arkansas in the USA for more thasn a decade, Dr Wilson is a convert of that "other" football game, amongst collegiate sports in general, and follows the Arkansas Razorbacks. More on this here...


After a gap of over 30 years, have taken up skiing again, and while most of the "hot dogging" moves have gone south, can still make it down the mountain in one piece...This photo is at the top of the Vista run on Mount Hood in Oregon on a perfect day...