The Arkansas Razorbacks

Wooooooo Pig Sooooie.....Razorbacks!....

Dr Wilson is an Arkansas Razorbacks Fan. The Arkansas Razorbacks are the name for all sports teams at the University of Arkansas, with the main sports being Football (the American Variety), Basketball, Baseball and perhaps above all Track and Field. The Razorbacks have 42 NCAA indoor, outdoor and cross-country titles to their name in that sport.

This year I was lucky enough to see Razorbacks beat Auburn at Basketball, Win with a last hit grand slam in Baseball and attend the NCAA indoor championships at Fayetteville. I also saw my first Razorback Football game, against the ranked Alabama.

On September 18th I had the honour to play the bagpipes at the passing of the baton when the legendary Coach John MacDonnell retired. Photo 1 was taken at his tribute dinner on the 18th of September 2008.

Photo 2 is at the Arkansas v Alabama Game, with the Razorback band doing their pre game routine.

Photo 3 is at the Arkanas v Auburn basketball game in May 2008