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Knowledge Capture, Sharing and Reuse in the Design Process

The objective of this multi-university project is to develop strategies to support the activities of the designer. Currently the project is concentrating on reviewing the human aspects of the design process, and the development of suitable models. Based on these results it is our intention to develop systems to support the capture, sharing and reuse of information within the design process. The project is part of the Rolls Royce, BAE SYSTEMS UTP programme and involes the EDC at Cambridge and The Institute of Work Psychology at the University of Sheffield

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Industrial applications of hypermedia.

A postgraduate student (Y K Sim) has just started research into the problems associated with hypermedia information retrieval including expert finder and recommender systems.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Assessment Network (E3AN)

This project will develop student learning through the integration of effective assessment practices into the electrical and electronic engineering curriculum with a special focus on the use of automated methods for both formative and summative assessment. Within the project I have responsibilities to ensure that the question bank covers all aspects of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with particular reference to power distribution on utilisation.


Involvement in robotics and actuators has been concentrated on special purpose applications, as opposed to conventional industrial systems. A postgraduate research student has finalising his thesis into the control of a multi-fingered robotic end effector, for use in an unstructured environment. This theoretical study has resulted in a multi-degree of freedom model of the end effector that can be used for design and control system optimisation.

Further information on Adaptive End Effector Design

Factory Information Resource Management.

This project extended the provision of hypermedia information systems beyond that required by an individual machine, and developed the strategies to permit the provision of information for production machinery, and associated systems, on a factory wide basis. The work has developed a design and authoring methodology, together with systems and financial justification model for the industrial applications of hypermedia. The installed prototype allowed the users in the production area to seamlessly access both line information, and planning and production information.

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The project developed a hypermedia maintenance support systems for the worlds largest robotic welding cell at the Odense Steel Shipyard. This project involved the integration of a hypermedia information system with a case based reasoning diagnostic system.

Whole Arm Manipulator

This six-axis manipulator together with an anthropomorphic hand was considered to be a significant advance in tele-operated Robotics.

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Electrohydrostatic actuator simulation

The work allowed the validation of the prototype systems at Lucas Aerospace, Wolverhampton. A similar system has since flown on the Airbus Industries A320 test bed. This work complemented the Collaborative Research Programme in to Secondary Power Systems with Lucas, Rolls Royce, BAe and the University of Cranfield, that considered the impact of a wide range of electrical systems on to aircraft performance.

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