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1994-2013 University of Southampton, WAIS (Web and Internet Science) Research Group, (was IAM (Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia) Group, was Multimedia Group, was Hypertext Group), Electronics and Computer Science (ECS)
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PhD (Southampton) 2002, BSc Hons (Warwick) 1981

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Steve Hitchcock is a research fellow and experienced project manager who has worked on a wide range of digital information projects at the University of Southampton since 1995. His broad interest is the effect of time on digital information, with related interests in user interfaces and digital information architecture. His work spans study of the lifecycle of digital information, from creation to long-term preservation. He has been involved with important developments in open access and institutional repositories, notably the EPrints repository software and related services. Most recently he has worked on the Southampton-wide DataPool Project to introduce effective research data management across the university. As project manager Steve has been responsible for initiating new projects, writing successful proposals, building networks of external partners, communicating the work of projects, and formal reporting. Steve has been a prolific author of research papers, has written extensively for numerous project blogs, and uses other social media such as Twitter to extend the reach of projects within the community. Steve was awarded a PhD at Southampton in 2002 for work investigating the emergence of electronic and Web publishing and testing the impact of novel Web linking tools developed at Southampton with a target database of selected Web content.

My PhD thesis considered the structure and impact of electronic (no paper) journals within a new Web publishing framework based on hypertext link technology. The model for this research was Perspectives in Electronic Publishing (PeP).
* These as project manager
The effect of open access and downloads ('hits') on citation impact: a bibliography of studies (from Sep 2004)

Slides for KeepIt project
also with DataPool
and DepositMO/re

Podcasting with RSP
I have been privileged these projects have been funded by JISC throughout this period, since the pioneering Electronic Libraries Programme (e-Lib) programme. So I was honoured to have the chance to give something back to the JISC community by serving on its programme advisory groups:
Journal of Digital Information e-journal, development editor 1998-2005 (with British Computer Society and Oxford University Press). We adopted an original multi-theme approach to exploit the new capabilities of electronic journals. My sign-off editorial reflected on the changes to e-journals through that period. The journal continues to be published from Texas A&M University.

Conference and meetings organiser
International conferences on OA held in Southampton: British Computer Society's Electronic Publishing specialist group (1995-2000): I organised programmes for meetings held by the group, on topics such as Designing Information for Mobile and Broadband Users, Web Database Publishing, and Innovations in Online Journal Publishing.

Before Southampton
So how did I come to be working in the WAIS/IAM/Multimedia/Hypertext Research Group at the University of Southampton? After spending too many years in academic journals and books publishing I decided to break from the narrow confines of commercial business to explore new ideas and innovative technologies, and to become involved with ... academic journals. I first joined Southampton as a PhD student in 1994. My PhD thesis was not far removed from concerns about journals. To complete the circle, I worked on the Open Journal Project (1995-1998) in which we collaborated with a number of commercial and learned society publishers.

Selected papers

A more complete list of my co-authored papers and presentations is available from ePrints Soton, the university repository. Here are some self-selected highlights.

Enhancing and testing repository deposit interfaces
Steve Hitchcock, David Tarrant, Les Carr
In 7th International Conference on Open Repositories (OR2012), Edinburgh, July 2012

Characterising and Preserving Digital Repositories: File Format Profiles
Steve Hitchcock and David Tarrant
Ariadne, Issue 66, 30 January 2011

Towards smart storage for repository preservation services
S Hitchcock, D Tarrant, A Brown, B O'Steen, N Jefferies, L Carr
International Journal of Digital Curation, 5 (1), 2010. In iPRES 2008

Digital Preservation Service Provider Models for Institutional Repositories: Towards Distributed Services
Steve Hitchcock, Tim Brody, Jessie Hey and Leslie Carr
D-Lib Magazine, Volume 13 Number 5/6, May/June 2007

The impact of OAI-based search on access to research journal papers
Steve Hitchcock, Tim Brody, Christopher Gutteridge, Les Carr and Stevan Harnad
Serials, Vol. 16, No. 3, November 2003, 255-260

Evaluating Citebase, an open access Web-based citation-ranked search and impact discovery service
Steve Hitchcock, Arouna Woukeu, Tim Brody, Leslie Carr, Wendy Hall and Stevan Harnad
Technical Report ECSTR-IAM03-005, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, in ECS EPrints, 19 September 2003

Metalist of Open Access Eprint Archives: the Genesis of Institutional Archives and Independent Services
ARL Bimonthly Report, No. 227, April 2003.
By providing a broad overview of the structure, size and progress of full-text open access eprint archives, this list of lists is intended to assist further quantitative research on the open access eprint phenomenon. See also this updated version of the core list.

Open Citation Linking: The Way Forward
Steve Hitchcock, Donna Bergmark, Tim Brody, Christopher Gutteridge, Les Carr, Wendy Hall, Carl Lagoze and Stevan Harnad
D-Lib Magazine, Volume 8 Number 10, October 2002
Story of the Open Citation Project, intertwined with the concurrent emergence of the Open Archives Initiative (OAI).

How Dynamic E-journals can Interconnect Open Access Archives
Steve Hitchcock and Wendy Hall
ICCC/IFIP 5th Conference on Electronic Publishing - ELPUB2001, Canterbury, UK, July 2001
First paper describing the motivations and functionality of Perspectives in Electronic Publishing, a new model electronic journal providing access to hundreds of full-text papers, commented and interlinked.

Developing Services for Open Eprint Archives: Globalisation, Integration and the Impact of Links
Steve Hitchcock, Les Carr, Zhuoan Jiao, Donna Bergmark, Wendy Hall, Carl Lagoze and Stevan Harnad
5th ACM Conference on Digital Libraries, San Antonio, Texas, June 2000
The first paper produced by the Open Citation project, and somewhat ahead of the major results we hope to produce, the paper explores the prospects for combining a number of powerful reference linking tools to have emerged recently with some preliminary results. More significantly, perhaps, the paper considers the convergence of information environments created by digital libraries through the means of reference linking. As usual, some provocative comments on how we might improve access to refereed papers.

A Usage based Analysis of CoRR
A commentary on "CoRR: a Computing Research Repository" by Joseph Y. Halpern
Les Carr, Steve Hitchcock, Wendy Hall and Stevan Harnad
ACM SIGDOC Journal of Computer Documentation, May 2000
An invited response to an original paper by Halpern. We focus on the innovative features of CoRR in terms of eprint archives, and try to explain why it has yet to make the anticipated impact in terms of the number of submissions the archive attracts. This analysis is based on a comparison of submission figures for CoRR with those for the same initial stages of the Los Alamos physics eprint archives. To succeed CoRR will need to build stronger support within its target community.

Linking Electronic Journals: Lessons from the Open Journal Project
Steve Hitchcock, Les Carr, Wendy Hall, Steve Harris, Steve Probets, David Evans and David Brailsford
D-Lib Magazine, December 1998
The concluding paper on the Open Journal project. Assessing the achievements of the project and considering some of the difficulties it faced, the paper reports on the different approaches to linking that the project developed, and summarises the important user responses that indicate what works and what does not. Looking ahead, the paper reveals the first signs of moves towards "distributed" journals, where information may be shared and documents are built dynamically from different sources.
and a related paper
E-PRINT! Making the Most of Electronic Journals
Steve Hitchcock, Les Carr and Wendy Hall
on The Computing Research Repository (CoRR)-part of the e-print archive at Los Alamos, December 1998
Making the most of e-journals requires that a distinctive new publishing model is developed. The paper presents evidence of a broadening demand for comprehensive linked archives, raising questions about the common practice of exclusive publication of most journal papers. Whether viewed from the perspective of Open Journals or that of prospective e-journal users more generally, we found the needs of the new publishing system for electronic dissemination of academic papers to be the same; and the limitations of the current system a severe constraint.

REVISED! Towards Universal Linking for Electronic Journals
Steve Hitchcock, Freddie Quek, Leslie Carr, Wendy Hall, Andrew Witbrock and Ian Tarr
Serials Review, Vol. 24, No. 1 (Spring 1998) 21-33
This is an updated and revised version of Linking Everything to Everything: Journal Publishing Myth or Reality? which was first presented at the ICCC/IFIP conference on Electronic Publishing ‘97: New Models and Opportunities, Canterbury, UK, April 1997.
Citation linking appears to be a straightforward concept but it is enormously powerful. Coauthored with the publisher Electronic Press, the paper anticipates the most demanding requirements for citation linking and examines them in a real publishing context, describing hypermedia approaches that can support this level of complexity.

Web Journals Publishing: a UK Perspective
Steve Hitchcock, Leslie Carr and Wendy Hall
Serials, Vol. 10, No. 3, November 1997, 285-299
First presented at the 20th annual conference of the UK Serials Group in Edinburgh, April 1997, and since published in the Group's journal.
The popularity of the Web has accelerated the development of scholarly e-journals since 1996. This new survey, realising a different perspective from 'The Calm Before the Storm' (below), traces developments in the UK from two schemes funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils: the Pilot Site Licence Initiative and its dramatic effect on all journal publishers in the UK, and the Electronic Libraries (eLib) development programme.

Citation Linking: Improving Access to Online Journals
S. Hitchcock, L. Carr, S. Harris, J. M. N. Hey and W. Hall
presented at the Second ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries, Philadelphia, USA, July 1997.
Now that most major publishers are committed to making their primary journals available online, citation linking is the coming feature in journal publishing. This paper says what it is, how and where it is happening and presents a novel example.

ARL E-publishing article of the year 1996
A Survey of STM Online Journals 1990-95: the Calm Before the Storm
Steve Hitchcock, Leslie Carr and Wendy Hall
in Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists, edited by D. Mogge, sixth edition, 1996 (Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries), pp. 7-32.
An extensive survey and analysis of the state of electronic journal publishing at the end of 1995, with links to over 100 full-text, peer-reviewed journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine (STM).
ADDED! Citations of this survey by other online sources. Where is current interest in electronic journals heading? See this list for some pointers.


Web Publishing: Speed Changes Everything
IEEE Computer, Vol. 29, No. 8, August 1996, 91-93
(Since the launch of the IEEE's Digital Library, you need to be a subscriber to the service to access this article. I intend to make a version of the paper accessible here.)
Insofar as technology, in particular the World Wide Web, has the power to reshape journals publishing, we have to look at the fundamental new capabilities that the Web provides. Perhaps the most important of these is speed of delivery, and of access, to published works. I tried to explore some of the implications in this short viewpoint paper.

'Unpublished' paper

The Transition to Electronic Journals: the Changing Face of Scholarly (‘Esoteric’) Publishing
First posted to the Web in January 1995 (updated November 1997).
A raw, early piece of writing from 1994 which has dated in the light of more recent developments but which still has some insights on the model of journal publishing and suggests possible structures upon which the change to fully-fledged electronic publishing can be supported.

What else does the future hold for electronic publishing?

Some discrete clues: (to be continued)

And a cautionary note:

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