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Utilising Online Qualitative Methods for Web Science

Web Science 2016 Conference

"Technology shapes society. Society shapes technology" - Halford et al. (2010)

Sunday 22nd May - 9.00am to 12.00pm
* Any materials required will be provided on the day, however it would be useful to bring paper and pens as well as a laptop.

Introduction: (5 mins)
  • Introduce the organisers
  • Outline the tutorial

  • How To Conduct: (45mins)
  • Interviews: Groups will perform different types of interviews and discuss this method after
  • Focus Groups: Groups will act out a focus group and discuss this method after
  • Q & A

  • How To Conduct Ethnography: (30mins)
  • Offlie: Everyone will conduct offline ethnography
  • Online: Everyone will conduct online ethnography
  • Q & A

  • Keynote: The Only Way is (Online) Ethics (25mins)
  • 5 minutes will include a question and answer session

  • Coffee Break (15mins)

    Analysis Methods: (30 mins)
  • Thematic Analysis: Everyone will learn and perform thematic analysis
  • Semiotic Analysis: Everyone will learn and perform semiotic analysis
  • Q & A

  • Design Research Proposal: (35mins)
  • In Groups, participants must design a proposal for a research project using qualitative methods
  • Participants should think about research design and analysis, the reasons behind the methods, potential practical and ethical issues and what they hope to achieve from the project.
  • The groups must be prepared to give a 2 minute description of their design decisions and discuss with the rest of the group.

  • Close: (5mins)
  • Tutorial will be summarised
  • Handbook will be provided
  • Attendees will be offered a chance to provide feedback on the Tutorial

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