Thanassis Tiropanis

Selected Publications

The Web Observatory - as the middle layer between the Web of data and Big Data

Tiropanis, Thanassis, Hall, Wendy, Hendler, Jim and de Larrinaga, Christian (2014) The Web Observatory: A Middle Layer for Broad Data. Big Data, 2, (3), 129-133. (doi:10.1089/big.2014.0035).

Building a Connected Web Observatory

Tiropanis, Thanassis, Wang, Xin, Tinati, Ramine and Hall, Wendy (2014) Building a Connected Web Observatory: Architecture and Challenges. In, 2nd International Workshop on Building Web Observatories (B-WOW14), ACM Web Science Conference 2014, 23 - 26 Jun 2014.


An increasing number of datasets and analytics resources have been made available on the Web. Often, those resources are hosted on portals that are related to dedicated topics (e.g. online social network analytics) or dedicated communities (e.g. Web Science researchers). A Web Observatory portal brings together communities to contribute or engage with datasets and analytic (or visualisation) applications. In ad- dition, it provides links to dataset and analytic resources that are poten- tially hosted in remote locations. This paper presents the architecture of a Web Observatory at the University of Southampton, which aims to foster engagement with analytics and applications and, at the same time, support linking to remote resources in other locations, potentially hosted in other Web Observatories. We report our experiences in build- ing the ”Connected Web Observatory” and discuss open challenges both in research and standardisation.

The Web Science Observatory

Tiropanis, Thanassis, Hall, Wendy, Shadbolt, Nigel, De Roure, David, Contractor, Noshir and Hendler, Jim (2013) The Web Science Observatory. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 28, (2), 100-104.


To understand and enable the evolution of the Web and to help address grand societal challenges, the Web must be observable at scale across space and time. That requires a globally distributed and collaborative Web Observatory.