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Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche is a Lecturer (Senior Lecturer with effect from October 2002) in the Declarative Systems and Software Engineering Group (DSSE) of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton, U.K.

Personal information:


Research interests:

  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Workflow Systems
  • IT Security
  • Automated Verification (Model-Checking)
  • Compositional and State-Space Reduction Methods in Verification
  • Test Cases from Verified Designs
Project links:
  • ABCD (Automated validation of Business critical systems with Component based Designs)
  • ISMC (Infinite-State Model-Checking)
  • IPAV (Improving the Practicality of Automated Verification)
  • MobiMed (Privacy and Efficiency in Mobile Medical Systems; ended 2000)

Recent conference activities:

Courses taught:
  • CM140: Introduction to Formal Methods
  • CM147: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists
  • CM148: Software Engineering
  • CM219: Theory of Computing
  • CM292: Software Design (Group Project)
  • CM401: Formal Design of Systems
  • CM411: Systems Integration

PhD students:

Contact details:

Dr Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche

ECS, University of Southampton

Southampton, SO17 1BJ

United Kingdom


Phone:    +44 (0)23 80593055

Fax:        +44 (0)23 80593045

E-mail: uun@ecs.soton.ac.uk