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BCS Presidency - A Year in Pictures


HRH The Duke of Kent and Wendy launch the new IT badge for Scouts. The Troika - Deputy President David Morriss, President Wendy Hall, Immediate Past President John Ivinson. Sandy Toksvig helps celebrate Wendy's inauguration as President.

Events Diary

4th Thought Leadership Debate (Institute of Directors, London, UK) [3 photos]
Presidency Handover [33 photos]
IT Awards 2004 (London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London, UK) [48 photos]
GHC 2004 (Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA) [17 photos]
Graduation Ceremony (University of Mauritius, Mauritius) [36 photos]
New BCS HQ (Map) [1 photos]
Last Council Meeting (London, UK) [6 photos]
3rd Thought Leadership Debate (Royal Society, Edinburgh, UK) [4 photos]
HCI 2004 - Design for Life (Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK) [5 photos]
BCS Manchester (University of Manchester, Manchester, UK) [16 photos]
BCS Accreditation (Zepler Building, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK) [3 photos]
Trustee Board Meeting (Athenaeum Club, London, UK) [1 photos]
Trustee Board Dinner (Athenaeum Club, London, UK) [8 photos]
Dinner (Reading, UK) [1 photos]
Network Awards '04 (The Brewery) [8 photos]
Channel Islands (Pomme d'Or Hotel, Jersey, UK and Les Cotils Christian Centre, Guernsey, UK) [19 photos]
OII Meeting on Women In Computing Professions (Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford, UK) [2 photos]
BCS Berkshire (University of Reading, Reading, UK) [2 photos]
Lease for New BCS HQ (Old BCS London HQ, Mansfield Street, London, UK) [2 photos]
Past Presidents (London, UK) [10 photos]
Sussex Branch (University of Sussex, Brighton, UK) [6 photos]
Merseyside Branch (John Moore's University, Liverpool, UK) [3 photos]
2nd Thought Leadership Debate (Institute of Directors, London, UK) [8 photos]
New Grade Launch (Dali Universe) [22 photos]
Branches Congress 2004 (The Institute of Physics, London, UK) [6 photos]
Lovelace Lecture 2004 (Cavendish Conference Centre, London, UK) [37 photos]
New Council Meeting [2 photos]
Last PRC Meeting [3 photos]
IBM Launch (South Bank, London, UK) [18 photos]
Programming Competition (IBM Hursley, UK) [6 photos]
GCC'04 Conference (Marriot Hotel, Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) [57 photos]
Troika (Zepler Building, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK) [1 photos]
HC'2004 Conference (Harrogate International Centre, Harrogate, UK) [10 photos]
Athena Awards (The Royal Society, London, UK) [2 photos]
1st Thought Leadership Debate (WCIT) [10 photos]
Belfast Annual Dinner 2004 (Ramada Hotel, Belfast, UK) [18 photos]
RSI Lecture 2004 (Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, UK) [8 photos]
IEE Annual Dinner 2004 (Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London, UK) [4 photos]
BCS Newcastle (University of Northumbria, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK) [20 photos]
Dinner with 'Steve' (Athenaeum Club, London, UK) [1 photos]
WIT Colloquium (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) [5 photos]
Turing Lecture 2004 (London, UK) [4 photos]
AI-2003 Gala Dinner (Peterhouse College, Cambridge, UK) [5 photos]
IEE/BCS Annual Dinner 2003 [3 photos]
Annual Dinner 2003 (Hyde Park, London, UK) [121 photos]
Annual General Meeting 2003 (The Institute of Physics, London, UK) [36 photos]
IT Badge Launch (London, UK) [1 photos]